BITS Report Viewer

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What is The Report Viewer

BITS Report Viewer is a tool that helps to create stunning reports in the user web application. It is an innovative reporting tool to generate data driven reports from any modern relational database. The tool and the solution developed by Binary Tech Systems that provides a wide range of reporting functionality. It allows the end users to open, view, run, print, e-mail and exports reports with customizable filter options.

Work One

What is The Report Engine

BITS Reports Engine provides powerful, customizable and efficient query engine that helps to slice and dice the complex data and transforms to simple data for dashboard viewing and extensive drill operations.

BITS Reports-Viewer Features

  1. Data Driven reports – KPIs (Key performance Indicators), Tabular, Matrix, Chart, Clickable Map, Drilldown and etc.,
  2. Powerful and highly optimized query engine to display desired result on the web.
  3. Native export for further analysis with multiple file formats (Excel, PDF , Word and etc).
  4. Interactive sorting capabilities.
  5. Intuitive display options and native print capabilities.
  6. Data Security as the reports are native to the application.
  7. Easy Report Interaction and effective application interaction.
  8. Personalized Reports matching profiles.
  9. Straight forward Deployment on a shared environment or any other .NET environment with or without load balancing.
  10. Developed and backed by Microsoft certified architects and professionals.